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Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hair Transplant

We are aware of the fact that "what is indispensable is invisible to the eye,” so we are ready to support the journey of your inner beauty through your physical appearance. In our line of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery you will experience a special and personal care provided by the medical experts of a world-class medical institution.

The departments have the latest technology for cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, lifting of breast, tummy tuck abdominoplasty, liposuction, facial surgery, neck surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelids surgery) and eyebrow surgery.

Planet Health will put at your disposition the best professionals and experts doctors to ease and to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. Our team provides you with a high quality medical care in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

These are the specialities we offer you in this department:

·Face Acne

·Skin Aging

·Unwanted Fat Location

·Pigmented birth stains

·Port Wine Stains

·Redness due to Rosacea or Sun Damage

·Scars of Wounds

·The Composition of the Skin

·The Spider Veins

·Damage from the Sun

·Minimum Invasive Surgery

·Ray Therapy (Phototherapy)

·Injections and Other Cosmetic Treatments

·Botox Injections

·Dry Skin Peeling

·Filler Injections



·Anti Aging Treatments

·Regeneration and Revitalization with Fractioned Laser

·Treatment for Stains from the Sun

Hair Transplantation Center

If done accurately and artistically, hair transplantation can do wonders for the self-esteem and appearance of a person. The Hair Transplant departments in our hospitals are headed by world renowned plastics surgeons specialized in hair dyeing, reconstructing hair and head hair damage. For the first time in the world, hair planting and reconstruction of head and facial hair damage are even done in a university hospital setting. Therefore, we prioritize quality, ongoing research and excellent patient service. We are determined to provide you with a natural look of planted hair.


Ufuk Askeroğlu


Selahattin Özmen


Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow is a spongy material found in the hollow centers of some bones which contains special cells known as stem cells who create other specialized cells with very important functions.

Bone marrow transplantation or  stem cells transplantation is done by injecting healthy stem cells to replenish the bone marrow of the patient who will take over the production of the blood cells.

There are diseases that can be cured successfully through bone marrow transplantation such as; Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Aplastic Anemia, Solid Tumors, Immune Deficiencies etc.

Two different techniques can be use for bone marrow transplantation ;

1.   Autologous: Transplanted from the patient himself

2. Allogenic :Transplanted from a brother / sister, a parent, or a donor that has no genetic connection with the patient

The transplant process first start with an examination to determine if a stem cells is needed, Then doctors will obtain stem cells that will be use for the transplant. After that they will prepare your body and begin the transplantation. The last step will be the recovery period.

Planet health is working in partnership with the most experienced transplant centers in the world. Our team can offer you access to the latest transplant research and techniques.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

It is a medical condition that deals with heart disorders. This field includes diagnosis and treatment of heart defects, arterial coronary heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology (ECG).

Our team is composed of certified board cardiologists, cardiac surgeons who have introduced new approaches to literature, vascular surgeons, anesthetic cardiologists, radiologists, intervention radiologists, nuclear doctors, intensive cardiac care doctors and nurses, assistants and medical technicians.

Planet Health teams up with hospitals that are using the high quality and the latest word technology with the best experts doctors in their own fields. 

The Department offers the following services:

•    Cardiology Center for non-invasive diagnosis

•    Advanced integrated cardiovascular imaging

•    Laboratory of hybrid cardiac catheterization interventions

•    Intervention program for heart valves disease

•    Cardiac surgery environments

•    Units for intensive cardiovascular care

•    Critical Cardiatic Care Units

•    Telemetric nursing units and ambulatory guards

•    Cardiac rehabilitation program

•    Vascular Surgery Unit for Arterial and Venous Disorders



Genco Yücel


Haldun Karagöz


Mehmet Şanser Ateş


Tufar Paker


Murat Kayabalı


Belhhan Akpınar


Why do doctors generally advice people to do their check up?  is because is the very first and very important step that can help someone to determinate whether or not they are carrying any disease because the soon is detected the better it is and the patient can by then have some more time and chances to cure their disease before it gets too late.  


Planet health’s team will make sure to be there with you to ease the process and to help you feel comfortable during every steps.


Check up packages:


Over 40 years old female check up,


Under 40 years old female      check up,


Over 40 years old male check up,


Under 40 years old male         check up,


Cardiac check up,


General check up

Clinical & Genetic Laboratory

1.Clinical laboratory

Clinical laboratory is used for multiple testing to get as more informations about the patients health. Because your doctor may ask for some analysis during the consultation phase to have better assess to your situation.

2. Genetic laboratory

Genetic tests are done according to an individual's medical problem and its outcome can provide important information about his / her health. Genetic tests can be done for different medical reasons. If your doctor thinks that you may have a disorder with a genetic component, he or she may refer you to a qualified physician who is specialized in the research. The circumstances of the illness, any personal precedent, and your symptoms, should be carefully considered. If a specific genetic disorder is suspected, in order to establish a final diagnosis, genetic analysis may be proposed.


With Planet Health You will get lab results on the day you enter the hospital and we will ensure that you get a complete treatment.

Cornea Transplant

Cornea is the transparent front part of the eye which allows the entrance of the light rays inside of the eye and transports them to the retina and from there it is transmitted to the brain where the perception of the image is realized. The normal cornea is a polished, aspherical, square-shaped asphalt surface, centered in the center and comes flat on the periphery. The cornea is constructed from collagen fibers mainly oriented in parallel way. Its transparency depends on the operation of a single cell layer that wears its inner surface and is not able to regenerate.


Cornea transparency, as well as its precision bargaining depends the most on the ability of the eye to convey the image to the retina.


For a successful cornea transplant it is necessary to use a healthy cornea from a dead donor. Corneas is selected, taken, certified and made available to surgeons by the "eye banks". One important point to be aware of concerning this procedure is that the result of the transplantations operation depends on the chosen cornea  as well as the techniques used and the professionalism of the physician.


If your cornea can not be cured or repaired, your ophthalmologist may recommend the cornea transplant.


All donated corneas are carefully tested to make sure they are healthy and safe to use.

There are different types of cornea transplants. In some cases, only the front and middle layers of the cornea are replaced. In others, only the inner layer is removed. Sometimes, the entire cornea should be replaced.


Planet Health will make sure to use their best experts in that field to help you returned home satisfied, safe and healthy.


Dermatology is a medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Skin is the largest organ of our body and the only system in the body that has all the organs. It deals with the treatments of skin diseases such as; psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, eczema, mycosis, trichology, sunburn, rash skin aging, hair loss protection.

Planet Health works in partnerships with multiple hospitals that are using the most modern technology. The skilled and experienced dermatologist are committed to provide quality services for diagnosing and treating persistent pathologies, both for adult and pediatric cases. In our hospitals we continuously diagnose and follow patient's treatments for pediatric dermatological pathologies, chronic diseases, diagnosing malignant pathologies, obtaining biopsy on the skin, treating nail pathologies, hair, oral mucous membranes and genital infections.


Erkan Koyuncu


Buket pençe


Sibel Alper

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

This department provides trustworthy and high quality health services in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the most modern medical equipment and experienced specialized doctor. Both medical and surgical treatment on this department are related to the head and neck diseases which is taking care with multidisciplinary approaches.


The Department offers the following services:


•                         Otology – Neurotology

•                         Rhinology


•                         Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat

•                         Head & Neck Surgery

•                         Laryngology - Phoniatry 

•                         Sound, Speech and Swallowing Disorders Treatment



Planet Health will provides you with the best and safest services and will make sure that u happily returned home.

ömer faruk unal

GAMMA KNIFE - Treatment of Brain Tumors Without Surgery

Gamma Knife is a radio-surgery device used to treat brain tumors without open surgery, bleeding and pain. This device is used for tumors that are smaller than 3.5mm in diameter.


Gamma Knife procedure basically involves identifying the disease head area, which is stabilized with a stereotactic frame and directs gamma ray from 192 cobalt sources in the targeted field. While low-power rays from each source don’t harm the brain, high level of radiation effect is detected in areas where 192 rays are focused.


Gamma Knife has been used for the treatment of several diseases. According to 2017 data, over 1 million patients diagnosed with various brain diseases have been treated with Gamma Knife.


Prof. Dr. Selcuk Peker practices Tumor Treatment with the advanced Gamma Knife technology at Koc University hospital.


Treatable diseases with gamma knife:


            •           Meningioma

            •           Hypophysis tumors

            •           Vestibular Schwannoma

            •           Trigeminal Schwannoma

            •           Hemangioblastoma

            •           Pineal region tumors

            •           Craniopharyngioma

            •           Glomus jugulare tumors

            •           Chordoma

            •           Arteriovenous malformation

            •           Cavernomas

            •           Trigeminal neuralgia

            •           Tremor

            •           Essential tremor

            •           Metastasis

            •           Uveal melanoma

            •           Some glial tumors

            •           Hemangiopericytoma

            •           Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

In addition to the diseases listed above, Gamma Knife treatment can be used for brain tumors in deeper locations and for patients who are not eligible for general anesthesia, cannot tolerate surgical intervention and do not accept open surgery. Planet Health will make sure that you are aware of all the pros and cons regarding the procedure before you take your final decision.


Selçuk Peker


·     Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that deals with digestion and digestive diseases. Gastroenterology department focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the esophagus, stomach, small intestines and the colon, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Our service line offers the most advanced surgical options available such as laparoscopic surgery, single port-laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic procedures, robotic surgery, adapting easily to the emerging technologies of the medical world.

Planet Health offers a full range of medical and surgical care through experts doctors.

This department take care of diseases such as:

·         Abdominal pain

·         Diarrhea

·         Constipation

·         Inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and M.Crohn

·         GERD and Nausea, Reflux esophagitis

·         Chronic Gastritis

·         Helicobacter pylori infection

·         Hiatal hernia

·         Bleeding of the stomach and colon

·         Stomach and duodenal ulcer

·         Hemorrhoids and its complications

·         The colon's diverticulosis

·         Malabsorption Diseases

·         Chronic hepatitis B and C

·         Jaundice

·         Irritable cough etc.



Fatih Aslan


Tan Atilla

General Surgery

It is a specialty that refers to the abdominal organs surgery such as; the colon, the esophagus, stomach, small intestines, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and often thyroid glands. This specialty can also be use for skin, chest, soft tissues and hernias. At Planet Health we cooperate with surgeons that are specialized  in all the specific area listed below.

They follow recent improvements in this domain have continuously improve their skills. We believe that it is possible to provide more quality services with surgeons who possess a sub-specialty area of general surgery.


Emre Balık


Dursun Buğra


Mert Erkan


Emre Balık


Serdar Tazelman


Prof. Dr. Yaman TOKAT


Yaşar Sümer Yamaner


Barış Akın

Hematology - Blood Diseases

Hematology is part of the medicine and medical research that deals with analysis of physiognomy, blood composition, blood vessels, blood diseases, and their treatment can be benign or malignant.

Planet Health cooperate with some of the world's most specialized hematology centers and doctors that treats lymphoma, multiple myeloma, acute and chronic leukemia, transplanting stem cells (spinal cord transplants).

There are multiple treatment methods using newest medications, antibodies, targeted treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

This last past years, major improvements have been achieved both in accurate diagnosis and in the optimal treatment of haematological disorders. Many of the blood diseases can be cured. Since some blood diseases can be life-threatening, they should be properly diagnosed and treated without any delay.


Olga Meltem Akay


Mustafa Çetiner

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The main reason why couples fail to have a baby is because they are not able to decide which method is the most suitable for their health condition.The most important factor is the accurate assessment of couples, with great attention and the individual planning of the treatment according to their needs.

Planet Health cooperate with some of the world's most specialized IVF centers.

With a 65% success rate for pregnancies, the rate that is above the world average, the In Vitro Fertilization team in Istanbul, Turkey, is committed to help couples realize their dream.

The centers are equipped with the latest and advanced technology tools to provide solutions to the health problems of patients.



Intensive Care Unit

We have ambulances and helicopters ready for transferring patients if necessary.

Intensive Care Unit - In our hospitals, the Intensive Care Unit rooms are designed to be individual. You will not have to share the room with other resuscitation patients, but you will have a dedicated reanimation room just for you, which is monitored by our specialists and state of art medical equipment 24/7.

Internal Medicine

This department deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and includes many specialties such as: Neurology, Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology, Pneumology, Dermatology, Hematology, Allergology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology etc.


A special consultation is offer to you in this department by our experts. And in case of any complex situation that will need a particular diagnose you will be redirected to a suitable specialist for your case within the same facility without having to go somewhere else. And Planet Health will make sure that your consultations are cary out within the daytime.


Fatih Aslan


Nil Molinas Mandel

Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation is a surgery that required removing the damaged liver and replacing it with a healthy one.

Liver transplants are recommended for various liver disorders such as: cirrhosis, congenital diseases and liver tumors.

The main condition of liver donation is blood group compatibility and liver size. If these conditions are met then a family member can be a donor. Also the donor must be in good health condition and will have to take some few preliminary tests to study his or her condition before the transplant.

Certain essentials conditions must be guaranteed so that the transplant can be performed.

The donor should :

-     Be a family member

-     have the same physical and weight with the patient

-  not suffer from illness, infections, or injuries that affect the liver

-     have the same blood or compatible blood group

The average success rate at Planet Health’s hospitals partners is over 90%. After a successful transplant, most of the patients normally returned to their day to day activities. Ultimately this is the purpose of the transplant and at the same time, patients can return to exercise physical activities.



Metabolism and Endocrinology

Endocrinology is a branch of medicine that treats the endocrine system, its diseases and its specific secretions are known as the hormones. Hormones are chemical substances that are produced in some specific body genes, called endocrine glands.

Metabolic and endocrine physiology is an integral part of our body. Our service line for metabolism and endocrinology offers services for a wide spectrum of symptoms. Our endocrinologists and surgeons works together to treat all aspects of diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, thyroid, parathyroidism, pituitary gland, kidney, breast disorders and many more.

Due to the nature of these disorders, a multi-discipline approach is the main pillar of this service line. At Planet Health we cooperate with some support services with this specialities, modern diagnostics, and therapeutic modalities during our patients care. We are committed to improve the care of our patients through  regular updates, diet counseling and educational services to help the patient to achieve step by step a best quality life.



Fatih Aslan




Metin Alış

Migraine Surgery

Migraine is a neurological disease that is associated with severe pulsing headache, usually unilateral, causing nausea, sensibility to light and noise annoyance as well as neurological disturbances.

The symptoms of migraine are related to the suppression and irritation of the main nerves in the head and the face. These causes can be chronic, genetic or may occur as a result of body changes over time.Migraine can be treated by surgery which is done by using minimally invasive techniques.

They are very few doctors around the world who are practicing this surgery  thats why Planet Health teams up with the best to offer you a quality services.


Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with urinary tract and kidney disease.This department deal with diseases such as; kidney cancer, kidney stone treatment, diabetic nephropathy, chronic glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease and other kidney diseases.

Today, the most successful treatment for kidney dysfunction is kidney transplantation. Kidney transplantation provides long and healthy life. In all developed countries, it is recommended that patients who are going to start dialysis should be evaluated to perform kidney transplantation.

It is very important for a patient with kidney disease to go through some intensive and very specifics diagnosis to determined whether or not he/she is eligible for the a kidney transplantation.

The donor must be 4 generations family members. Even husband's / wife's relatives are considered near donors if they are fit. In our hospitals patients and donor preparation phase for donated kidney transplantation ends within one week.

Planet Health works with hospitals partners that the success in kidney transplantation is similar to the results of the most successful centers in the US and Europe.


Barış Akın

Neurology & Neurosurgery

is a medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect any part of the nervous system involving; brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and vascular brain outside the skull.

Our Neuroscience Services aim to fill the gap between medical and surgical treatment by coordinating different specialties. Neuroscience services unite contained several departments such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry and Psychology. The latest therapies and minimal invasive treatments include brain problems, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. The driving force of our highly experienced staff is to preserve and enhance the quality of life.

At Planet Health our main goal is to maintain high quality of life by devoting time and patience to every patient's request.



İhsan Solaroğlu


Onur Yaman


Selçuk Peker


Mehdi Sasani


Tuncer Süzer


Selhhan karadereler

Obesity Surgery

Obesity, is one of the most important diseases of the era, that can lead to both chronic diseases and loss of life comfort. If you can not lose weight in any way, then ‘Bariatric Surgery’ is the most effective method for you.

Bariatric and metabolism surgeries have gained importance with high success rate in treatment of obesity. After the bariatric surgery, we will start getting rid of many of the patient’s diseases in a short while after being discharged. The surgical methods are now accepted as alternative to the medical treatment and as a very effective method, not as the ultimate remedy especially in diabetes.

Sleeve Gastrectomy - By this method, weight loss is ensured and better compared to vertical banded gastroplasty surgery. The lack of minerals and vitamins rarely emerges because the anatomy is not distorted, and a lifelong vitamin-mineral supplement is not required. The operation lasts 45 mins and the patient is discharged after 2-3 days from the hospital.

Gastric Bypass - It is an operation that limits eating and prevents absorption at the same time. This effect of weight loss is better than other methods. The Type-II diabetic patients may get rid of diabetes in the ration of 85-90%.

All of the obesity surgeries are carried out by the laparoscopic method. In addition, it can also be performed by using the robotic method which is a more advanced method.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The department of Gynecology and Obstetrics offer diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for any type of healthcare problem ranging from routine checks, birth control, follow-up of risky and normal pregnancies, assisted reproductive techniques, menopause and osteoporosis, gynecological cancer cases and various preventive medical practices for women of all ages starting from adolescence to the period of menopause.

The Department performs a great numbers of surgical/laparoscopic operations including hysterectomy.

The services provided by this department are:

•    Routine gynecological tests

•    Contraception methods

•    Painful and severe menstrual bleeding

•    Chronic abdominal and inguinal pain

•    Sexually-transmitted diseases

•    Four-dimensional ultrasonography

•     Hysterosalpingography

•    Delivery

•     Post-natal checks

•    Gynecologic cancers

Other Surgeries :

•    Infertility – the Best IVF centers

•    Caesarean Section

•    Hysterectomies

•    Repair of Prolapse

•    Removal of Ovarian, tumor, fibroid

•    Advances Endoscopic Surgeries


Çağatay Taşkıran


Barış Ata


Ramazan Mercan


Ebru Alper


Bülent Urman


Bülent Baysal

Oncology and Comprehensive Cancer Program

Our comprehensive cancer program consists of specialized doctors, cancer nurses, psycho-oncologists and patient care coordinators working together to provide the best care available to our patients affected by cancer.

In our hospitals, the treatment plan for each cancer-affected patient is discussed and determined at weekly Tumor Board meetings, dedicated to different types of cancer.

Our tumor boards function as a forum to collectively explore and discuss each of our cancer cases. During these reviews, all care providers involved in the management of each case share their opinions and make suggestions about treatment options. After the Tumor Board's collection, the available treatment options are presented to the patient and discussed in detail.


Our Tumor Boards are:


·Breast Cancer

·Lung Cancer

·Gastrointestinal Malignancy Tumor

·Malignant Blood Tumor

·Urological Tumor (prostate cancer)

·Endocrine Tumors (thyroid cancer)

·Neuro-Oncological Tumors (Brain Tumor)

·Gynecological Tumors

·Skin Tumors

·Sarcoma Tumors


Turkey is the only country around the world that have a partnership with MD Anderson ’s cancer center and at Planet Health you can be ensure that we work with them best representative center to provides quality services.

In this department radiation Oncology is performed on patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. These operations are carried out according to world standards. At Planet Health we work with the first radiation center of MD Anderson outside of America. All medical equipment and quality control measures are the same as those of MD Anderson center.

Radiation oncology specialist is the person who will decide to treat the tumor with radiation. The specialist follow up the patient during the treatment process.

Planet Health are working with the best experts doctors to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment period.


Banu Oflaz Sözmen


Fatih Selçukbiricik


Kerim Kaban


Yasemin Bölükbaşı


Coşkun Tecimer

Ophthalmology and Sensitivity

Ophthalmology study and treats eye disorders and diseases. Starting from routine annual checkups and complex procedures. Performed with high quality equipment and the latest technology.

At Planet Health we offer the most advanced and specialized treatment in a wide range of conditions such as:

·Cataract of the Eyes

·Cornea and Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

·Optometry and Contact Lens Service

·Diabetic Eye Diseases

·Emergencies and Eye Trauma Care

·Plastic Eye Surgery

·Glaucoma's disease

·Immune System Disorders and Uveitis


·Oncology of the Eye

·Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus


Orkun Müftüoğlu


Osman Oram

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedic is a branch of medicine who deals with the prevention and correction of damage or disorders of the skeletal system, muscles, joints and ligaments associated with them. The Musculoskeletal Service collaborates with specialists from the Department of Emergency, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Clinic and Physiotherapy.

Our service line provides world-class level service to a variety of spinal problems, using internationally-accepted algorithms and pathways with a multi-discipline approach. Our experts use the latest principles in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating injuries, which increase mobility, reduce pain, improve functioning, and improve quality of life.

At Planet Health we offer a comprehensive approach to spinal problems - from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery.


Aykın Şimsek


onur tetik


This department provides primary pediatric care and specialized care for complex cases. The pediatric team is composed by pediatricians, nurses and intern experienced nurses.

In case of need, specialists from other disciplines will intervene in order to offer more comprehensive services to a wide variety of acute, chronic, and complex children's diseases.

Planet Health will make sure that your children are well take care of in a very safe and comfortable environment.

Specialties are divided into:



·Psychiatrists of children and adolescents






·Nephrology and rheumatology



·Genetic diseases

·Infectious disease

·Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

·Intensive Care Unit for Newborns


Alpay Çeliker


Ayla Kamburoğlu Göksel


Abdullah Eren, M.D.

Positron Emission Tomography/ Computed Tomography

Pet CT is a hybrid imaging method formed with the integration of PET (Tomography Positron Emitting Devices) and CT (Computer Tomography) devices, during this procedure radioactive substances are used in order to find the the tumor or the metastasis  which enable the release of metabolic and anatomical information of the body organs.

This device is used to detect tumors, determine the extent of tumors and metastasis proliferation, radiotherapy planning, evaluating the response to treatment, and in some cases to determine if the mass is benign or malignant.


Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery

Is a part of the medicine that deals with the study and diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Pulmonology unit provide diagnostic and treatment for respiratory diseases including:

·Chronic respiratory diseases: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, chronic or continuous cough and chronic respiratory failure

·Acute or chronic respiratory infections: bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis

·Acute or chronic respiratory disorders, breathing

·Lung cancer and benign lung tumors

·Interstitial lung diseases

·Diseases of blood vessels in the pulmonary: pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension respiratory distress associated with sleep: sleep apnea; obesity hypoventilation syndrome;

·Secondary lung tumors (metastases from other tumors)

·Pleural diseases.

·Mediastinal tumors

·The esophagus tumors

·Chest wall tumors

·Chest trauma

·Hyperhidrosis (swelling of the hands and armpits)

·Chest wall deformations (barrel chest / pigeon)

·Diaphragm Diseases

Our pulmonology service line also includes a Clinic to Quit Smoking.

The pulmonology service line serves as an interlocutor between various departments that requires a daily collaboration of thoracic surgeons, oncologist, ENT specialists, cardiologists and many other specialists.

Thoracic surgery plays a central role in the treatment of cancer. So thoracic surgeons work in collaboration with medical oncologists and radiologists, pulmonologists, pathologists and nuclear medicine specialists.

At Planet Health we work in collaboration with the best experts in this field to offer you the best quality services.


Benan Çağlayan


levent tabak


Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT)

IORT is a type of advanced radiotherapy, unlike standard radiation therapy, which is applied to cancer surgery. IORT's objective is to provide direct radiation treatment to the tumor area, protecting healthy surrounding tissues. IORT shows perfect advantages when used in the stomach, pancreas, intestines, colon, breast, soft tissues, lungs, pediatric and gynecological tumors.

Standard radiation therapy requires a 6 week treatment, approximately once every 5 days.

While the advantage of IORT is that in this type of advanced radiotherapy technology, only a single IORT application dose is needed.

The hospitals with whom we cooperate have the latest technology in the field of medicine.


Levent Oğuzkurt


Uğur Selek


Numan Cem Balcı,

Regenerative Medicine-Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine is a procedure to create living and functional tissues to repair or replace some tissues or organs that lose their function due to their age, illness, injury or birth. Success in regenerative medicine can be achieved in two ways:

1. Encouraging some organs or tissues previously untreated in a way that they heal and treat themselves with stimulation of stem cells located in these tissues and organs through communicative or surgical communicative mechanisms.

2. Where the body can not repair itself, stem cells are obtained from a suitable donor, processed under laboratory conditions for re-transplantation or 3D transplantation of the cells produced by these cells and use of the technologies engineering for the tissues.

This new discipline of medical and life sciences summarizes all scientific research, including applications in immunology, cell biology, chemistry, tissue and biomaterial production, molecular biology, and regenerative and genetic medicine.


It studies rheumatism, arthritis and other disorders of the articulations, muscles and ligaments.

Robotic Surgery

In robotic surgery, the robot is armed with a very high movement capability that is controlled remotely and which is used rather than the hand instruments controlled by the physician. Thanks to these arms, the robot imitates all motions of a human wrist and allows movement capability more than it does.

Clearer images can be obtained by the robotic surgery systems. Operations are performed by very small-sized incisions and better aesthetic results are obtained. Side effects such as bleeding and leakage that might be occurred in post-operative period and extend the hospital stay can also be reduced.

At Planet Health we work in partnership with hospitals who are using the latest technology to offer you satisfaction in your treatment


It's the branch of medicine that deals with urinary or urogenital organs. Our urology and nephrology specialists cooperate very closely with each other for treatment of common problems to complicated surgical cases. They use the most advanced technology and medical treatment of the time, doing the best for the patient.

Doctors can offer mini-invasive surgery, Laparoscopic surgery and Robotic surgery, Green Light Laser surgery, urine bladder ultrasound, urodinamines, cystoscopy, urodynamic assessment, ultrasound lithotripsin, prostate specific antigen test (PSA).

Planet Health will make sure to be with you during every steps of the process.

Our advanced services / procedures include: 

·Hyperactivity of urinary bladder

·Urinary incontinence

·Infections in the urinary tract

·Erectile dysfunction

·Male Infertility and Andrology

·Stones in the urinary tract

·Kidney Diseases

·Insufficiency of the kidneys

·Urological tumors (urinary vesicle, kidney, prostate, testicles)

·Prostate cancer

·Benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)

·Prolapse of the pelvis organs

·Pediatric urology

·Kidney transplantation

·Diseases and masses of the adrenal gland

·Aging in males



Derya Balbay


Yakup Kordan


Fatih Atuğ

Varicose Veins

Veins have the task of returning the blood to the heart. When they become visible and swollen they are called varicose veins.

The blood passes from the surface veins to the deep veins, and when the muscles are in activity, they push the blood to the heart. The veins have a valve of one direction and when the vein walls lose elasticity, the valves do not function properly and the blood flows back to the surface veins by swelling them.

Varicose vein treatments:

Sclerotherapy - Treatment consist in injecting a chemical solution into the vein to achieve the blockage of the vein in order not to carry blood anymore. Mainly used for spider veins and small varicose veins.

Laser Therapy and Radio frequency - These are new, minimal invasive treatments methods for varicose veins, which work by applying heat to the veins, forcing the veins to shrink and close. The blood can not pass through these veins and will look for other healthy veins.

Surgery - a classic form of varicose vein treatment.

After the patient examinations doctors will decide which treatment method will be suitable for the patient Planet Health will make sure of the success of your treatment.